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Are there any plastic injected brush available?
No, we produce brush only with wooden handle & core, but with a variety of rubber accessory designs available for function enhancement as well as decoration.

Are there stocked goods available for immediate purchase?
All goods are made to order and we keep no stock. Volume order is required to maintain production efficiency, so there are MOQ & MOA required for each order.

Can I purchase wooden handle only?
No, we don’t sell parts. We are only allowed to export finished products.

Can I visit the factory?
Our factory is not open to public and can only be visited with pre-confirmed appointment for admission. All sales communication are coordinated from Taipei office and is where the showroom is located.

How long is the production lead time?
90 days from order confirmation.

How are the boar bristles acquired?
Our boar bristles are from legitimate Chinese local boar bristle supplier in “Chongqing, China”, which is said to have the best quality of boar bristles.
The boars are farmed primarily for the consumption of their meat, so the boar bristles are considered by-product of the pork industry. Boar bristles are only taken off after the animal has died, therefore the harvesting process does not do further harm to the animal.

How can I assure product material safety?
We submit all materials that we use in production to 3rd party inspection companies for SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern) listed in EU REACH regulation of goods import to ensure material safety complies.

What types of wood is available?
European beech wood is the main wood we use, oak, ash and bamboo is also available for customization.

Which port does the goods export from?
Due to tax registration, sea shipment is exported only from Dalian port, and air shipment from Shenyang airport.